Sunday, Sept. 18th: If It Feels Right

There was a provocative column by David Brooks in the New York Times earlier this week.  It was about generational differences in thinking and talking about moral issues.

Let’s talk about this article in class on Sunday.

Follow this link to read the article: David Brooks, If It Feels Right…

Here are some things to consider before Sunday:

1)  How were you taught about moral issues?  When and where did you learn about moral dilemmas and moral decision making? What moral dilemmas have you dealt with? How do you make decisions when faced with a moral issue?

2)  Talk with someone (an 18-23 year old if you can; otherwise talk with someone of another generation) about his or her moral life. [use the questions from #1]

3)  Do you see the generational differences referred to in the article?  If so, do they worry you?  Give you hope?

4)  You might consider reading some of the comments attached to the original article. How do they influence how you see this topic?

See you in the library on Sunday morning.


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