Occupy Wall Street

We’ll discuss the Occupy Wall Street protests in class on Sunday.

Here is the wikipedia article about the protests.  Look around at news sources to see how the protests are being reported.

Have you heard religious leaders comment on Occupy Wall Street?

When you see the images in the news, does it look like church to you? What do you think of hearing someone who has participated say that it feels like church ?

Would you or have you joined the protests?  Why or why not? Does your faith have anything to do with your response?

What about if the protest was turned on its head, and you were asked to love Wall Street?

Finally, do you have anything that you need to confess about your involvement in this situation?

See you on Sunday morning in the library.


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3 Responses to Occupy Wall Street

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  3. John D says:

    Neat articles. It’s easy to spend a lot of time reading link-to-link. I wish I could be there this sunday for discussion! I’ll be teaching geology to a group of 7th graders on a walk to the waterfall…

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