Advent: Hope and Fear

A friend of mine posted a rant on Facebook this week, which she said I could post here.

If I hear/read one more person talk/write about being “behind” because all presents are not purchased and wrapped and the tree/house/yard is not completely decorated, I am going to scream. It is DECEMBER 1st!! Just because retail America wants us to start our holiday spending in October, doesn’t mean we have to fall for it. And just because every super organized, on the ball person feels the need to broadcast via FB that they are completely DONE with all things Christmas (and I love those friends, too – I really do,) doesn’t make anyone else behind. Take a deep breath, say hello to December, figure out what is really important to you about the next month and only do THAT. My holiday “to-do” for today is to figure out how to replicate the Starbucks peppermint mocha at home. Merry Christmas!

Her post made me think about the hopes and fears that drive people To Do Christmas in particular ways.

What fears and hopes do you hear around you this time of year?

What fears and hopes are playing out in your own preparations this Advent season?

How do small scale hopes and fears related to buying the right gifts, attending the right gatherings, creating the right memories, making the right foods, etc. connect to big picture hopes and fears?

Here is a sermon from last year by our Presiding Bishop to help you think.

See you on Sunday


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