Distractions and Challenges

For this first Sunday of Lent, we will talk about the path we want to follow and the distractions and challenges we encounter.

Here are some videos that make me think about some of the distractions and challenges that have come up in our class conversations.

Jeff Tweedy from Wilco is a recovering addict.  Addiction is obviously a challenge for many people, but what I love about this song is how he speaks to staying in relationship, a challenge for everyone (yes?).

Okay, confession: I have about 10 screens open on my computer right now and an iPhone and iPad next to me.  Am I efficient and connected or scattered and distracted?

This Gotye song reminds me of a conversation we had when we talked about “just having no idea” what effects our way of living have on others.  Of course, we realize what the effects are. We just do next to nothing about it.  Eyes wide open, indeed.

Mid-life crisis, anyone?

What are your distractions and challenges?

John and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.


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One Response to Distractions and Challenges

  1. margaret hagood says:

    wish i could join this group!

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