Holy Week

Where are your thoughts this Holy Week?

Some people connect with Jesus’s journey.  Here’s a way to think about the historical events at the beginning of Holy Week and their meaning from John Dominic Crossan.

[Here is the link to part 2.]

This week my mind is on the stressed and confused disciples whose world fell apart before their eyes.

The complexity of what they must have been experiencing reminds me of this blessing.

My generation is known to make mixed tapes for the occasions of our lives.  I have one in my head for the disciples for Holy Week.  Mine is heavy on U2 (of course).  I won’t make  you sit through the whole thing, but here is a piece that I think is important.

I think about the Saturday after Good Friday.  A lot.

Our story could proceed directly from the cross to a resurrection.  But it doesn’t.

We have a Saturday. The disciples had a Saturday.

I think I know what it was like for the disciples on that Saturday.  Actually, I think most people know what it was like for the disciples because I see people having their own Saturdays all around me everyday of the week.

The disciples’ Saturday was a time after loss and before hope.

On that Saturday, the most amazing person they’d ever known was simply a dead man.  The project of their lives was over.  They had guilt.  They were confused and lost. Some probably huddled in a fetal position; some probably took out their pain on each other. I imagine that they felt completely inadequate for the task of continuing with the new ideas and ways of living about which they’d been learning.  I bet they were bargaining with promises of good behavior for more time with their teacher. I bet they were really mad–at him, at each other, at everyone.

I can imagine that someone yelled, Wake Up, Dead Man!

[explicit lyrics]

The following video contains a snippet of the same song, Wake Up Dead Man, before it moves into Walk On, to my mind a great theme song for the disciples moving into Saturday night.

Where are you this Holy Week?

See you on Sunday,


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