On Being – Pursuit of Happiness

I hope you all have engaged with this (On being – pursuing happiness (audio)) in some way this week.  The audio stream or podcast is a nice condensed version, the longer full video is pretty interesting just to see the expressions and interactions between the religious leaders.

I made a few notes of comments and questions that I heard:

Is happiness something we expect in this world, or is it something only attainable in the next world? ( following from last week’s heaven discussion)

Beauty (in one Islamic meaning, beauty and happiness are the same) is what draws us to the divine.

Consumer society constantly tells us to spend money we don’t have, to buy material things we don’t need, for the sake of a happiness that won’t last.

Consumer society also constantly making us aware of what we don’t have – the rabbi called it them most efficient/effective system for the manufacture and distribution of unhappiness.

How does socioeconomic status affect our capacity for happiness? or, is is easier for a rich person or a poor person to be happy?

Kit always manages to insert some fun, funny, relevant media.  Here’s my attempt.

Happiness Trailer

See you Sunday morning in the ReFocus lounge.  Don’t worry, be happy.

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