Remarkable predominance of beauty

Last week, our Islamic scholar Seyyed Hossein Nasr shared this on beauty:

First of all, in the Arabic language, the word for beauty and virtue is the same, and goodness, all three. In the Islam — Muslim mind, they’re not separated from each other… Beauty is what draws us directly to the Divine, to the Divine reality… And ugliness, which is the opposite of beauty, in Arabic, also means evil. The ugly is the evil. One of the signs we live in an evil world is the ugly ambiance we’ve created for ourselves.

And look at the remarkable predominance of beauty in nature. Take us human beings out and look at nature…

We’re created in beauty. We’re drawn to beauty and our soul is drawn to beauty. So, yes, there’s a very deep nexus between beauty and happiness, and happy is the person who realizes inner beauty.

Yep, we’re going outside this week.

Poets and people from all ages have found solace and healing in nature and we will do the same!

A prayer for nature

And for the overachievers among us –

Another article on why nature matters…

We’ll see you all in the ReFocus Lounge, Sunday at 9:30 sharp!

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One Response to Remarkable predominance of beauty

  1. johndidiego says:

    Great but small class today. I recommend the prayer for nature!

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