Space and Place

Last Sunday, we described communities in which we have participated.

Here is a word cloud made from the responses.

Here is a word cloud from the responses of not participating in community.

For this week, I want to talk about the built environment and its connection to community.

Here is a TED talk by the provocative Jim Kunstler. Take a look. [explicit language]

See you tomorrow,


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One Response to Space and Place

  1. Michele says:

    I remembered seeing plans for creating a “downtown” Alcoa a few years ago. It would be a blend of homes and businesses. I searched for “alcoa strategic planning” and found a document called the 2025 Strategic Plan. It mentions this new urban center. I haven’t heard anything about it lately, and wondered if anyone else knew about it. Here’s an excerpt:
    Former West Plant property, Alcoa, Inc. commercial/office/residential/park/open
    space mix
    This partially access-controlled site, which when the Alcoa Parkway is constructed will
    provide adequate access as well as a “gateway” to the site, is to be developed to provide
    an identifiable town center that serves as the social, cultural and economic focus of Alcoa.
    The proposed site is the former Alcoa, Inc. west plant and is classified as a brownfield. As
    illustrated in I4-4, page 4-61, this area is to incorporate a mixture of uses which include
    commercial, office, retail, open space, and higher density residential uses. This blending
    of land use and mixed-use development is to incorporate new urbanist principles that
    address building area and bulk regulations, configurations, project scales and architectural
    design guidelines. Develop streetscape design criteria to ensure safe and desirable
    pedestrian access and community attractiveness. This town center is to be the financial,
    retail, business, civic and cultural hub. Enhance the town center with a network of public
    spaces (plazas or squares) and parks connected to the citywide and regional system of
    open spaces, parks and trails, while providing gathering spaces in private development.
    This new urbanist development will incorporate a balanced transportation network that will
    accommodate public transportation, high occupancy vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists,
    automobiles, and integrated parking.

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