Communities dissected… and defined?

Hi –

We’re back and we hope to see you tomorrow!  We continue to explore the concept of community.  Since this fall has been a bit disjointed, here’s a recap:

We described times when we felt like we were in community in the past.  From that we came up with a list of words associated with community as well as a list of words associated with times we were NOT in community.

Last session we explored the built and architectural environment and how that can encourage or discourage community through thoughtful design and use of space.  We discussed ideas from Teb Kunstler’s provocative TED talk.  To bring it home, Kit posed the question, “Where to you ‘hang out’?”

Perusing this week’s Maryville Daily Times, I found two short articles.  One is linked below, if you have access to the other, please bring a copy tomorrow.

What characterizes these communities?  Who saw the need and how was it filled?  What talents/gifts were extended to fill the needs?  Who benefits from the sacrifices and efforts of those involved?  Although religion is not mentioned, is God at work in these examples?

This week we will describe communities we are currently involved in in an attempt to distill the characteristics.  Using existing definitions, local examples, and our experience, we will lay the foundation for the rest of the fall.

Hope to see you tomorrow at 9:30 in the St. Andrews Library.  All are welcome, the more the merrier.

For more readings on community, see:

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