“Trust me.”

Hi all,

Tomorrow in the Refocus Lounge we will regroup after the past month of disjointed Sundays.

We will check in on where everyone is with their own efforts to create and build their communities (remember the ‘building a community’ poster (below)?  We will review the components of community and discuss the role of trust in communities.  But we’ll do more than just discuss…one of the important components we came up with is the need for people to invest in their communities.  Investing means action, stepping up, DOING something.  So we will DO a short activity related to trust within our own little community.

To get everyone’s juices flowing, take time to watch speaker Simon Sinek give a TED talk on trust and belief in communities and organizations.  When he talks about organizations, think about our communities (examples we gave two weeks ago).  And think about our St. Andrews community.


How does what he says about belief and trust jibe with what we’ve come up with?  What are our common beliefs?  Is it okay to have some beliefs in common while others are in conflict?   Do some beliefs carry more weight?

I look forward to seeing you in the library tomorrow morning.

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