More on bullying…

I was sorry to miss the talk Sunday on bullying.  This certainly is a current topic and one of those things that works against community, and is opposed to our Christian responsibility.  I came across an article on bullying that calls us all to examine our behavior

Perhaps we need to acknowledge that we might be guilty of condoning and/or participating in bullying-like behavior.  No, we have never stuffed a fellow believer into a trashcan.  But have we excluded?  Have we name called, ridiculed, slandered, or personally attacked another? If so, then let today be the day we lay down our weapons and not look upon ourselves more highly than we ought.

And for those who have been a bystander, let’s choose to intervene, confronting the bully, reporting what we see to authority (elders, pastors, church leaders), or comforting the target.  To defend the weak, marginalized, oppressed is a genuine opportunity for the Church to take leadership in our nation’s anti-bullying campaign.  But it starts first with acknowledging the problem, humbling ourselves, and being willing to intervene for the greater good.

To read the whole article, here’s the link.

Bullying and churches?

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