Beyond Rituals of Sundays

I loved our discussion this past week. We shared the Sunday rituals of our childhoods and talked about how those rituals did or did not build towards the concepts of Sabbath.

This coming Sunday, we will expand on the ideas of family spirituality (with family being defined, of course, in many, many ways). We’d like for you to think about your current family and/or your family of origin. We’d like to hear about the rituals your family enacts/enacted in everyday settings and occasional settings. Do/did you have morning, mealtime, or nighttime rituals? Do/did you have rituals for birthdays or other once-a-year occasions? Does/did your family have particular story-telling rituals? Does/did your family create your own worship or prayer rituals? How do all of these rituals relate to building connections to God?

Remember, Compline and pizza are tonight at 5:30.


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2 Responses to Beyond Rituals of Sundays

  1. Greg Knepper says:

    Thanks for reminding me of Compline

  2. Here is the video form Sewanee that I mentioned in class today:

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