Livin’ on a prayer…

Well, we’re in Lent, so it’s time to repent and pray.  Kit and I thought it would be worth spending some time with the prayer book, or the Book of Common Prayer.  This contains a rich collection of wonderful prayers to be familiar with.  There are also liturgies that we’re familiar with ( Holy Eucharist, Marriage, Baptism) as well as those less familiar (morning and evening prayer, daily devotions, reconciliation, ministration to the sick, burial, etc.).  These are collected to be used by the ‘common people’ in their daily life and worship.  In it you can also find the psalms, calendars, and, yes, prayers.

So, we will take a brief tour through the book.  For those more familiar with it, plan to share your favorite prayer as we work our way deeper into Lent.  The early Christians, and later monks established a regular daily schedule to ensure that they were in a state of constant prayer.  If you’ve read or seen Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose, the book is organized by the times for prayer.

The basic monastic prayer hours established by Benedict in the 6th century.  Last spring, Sumter sent a short video about daily prayers from Chris Bryan at Sewanee.

Vigils (sometime during the night)
Matins (at sunrise)
Prime (during the first hour of daylight – trad. 6 am)
Terce (at the third hour – 9 am)
Sext (at the sixth hour – 12 noon)
None (at the ninth hour – 3 pm)
Vespers (at the end of the day 6 pm)
Compline (upon retiring)

We won’t have time for all of these, I just thought I’d include them as a point of interest…

Incidentally, the bon jovi song from the title has very little to do with prayer…but there’s an interesting acoustic version originally (I think) performed at a Sept 11th concert.

See you Sunday!

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One Response to Livin’ on a prayer…

  1. Julie Durand says:

    Thanks, John. Looking forward to studying the prayer book. I will be out of town this Sunday, but hope to see you soon after.—Julie

    Sent from my iPad

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