Book of Common Prayer, Part II

(see the online version)

We will follow up on our session from 2 weeks ago when we took a tour through the book.  There is a lot in it.  This week we will continue with general questions about just what is IN it.  Then we will narrow the focus to the prayer and thanksgivings.  As we reach the middle of Lent, you may feel the need to refresh your prayer life.  We will also read some from the New Zealand version.

We will also check in on our lenten disciplines and, I’m told, fill some colorful ellipsoid plastic objects with treats.  If you’re ready, I’ll be there in the library at 9:30.  Don’t forget the time change – set your clock ahead an hour!

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2 Responses to Book of Common Prayer, Part II

  1. Ben Marchman says:

    Wish I could make it john. Have to work tomorrow. Hopefully next weekend I will be able to give some input. See yall then!

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