We know Jesus – but how do we live that out?

Jesus goes to the greatest failures in the church and he brings them back together and he recommissions them based on his goal and his power, not on their morality.

The centrality of grace…this is what it’s about.

We’re intimidated by the issues of our time, the crises, the size and the scale…we sort of want to huddle inside and wait for these things to sort themselves out…but Jesus appears, breathes on them and says, “Receive the Holy Spirit”.

We’re sent, but he says, ‘don’t try this on your own, take along my power.’

These are quotes and paraphrases from Jon Tyson’s talk on the 50 days of Easter.  What Jesus did during that time, like much of his life, confounds our sensibilities.  But he argues that in his actions and appearances we can read what he calls ‘the heart of God’.

1- the appearance to the disciples on the road to Emmaus

2 – Appearing to Thomas who doubted

3 – Appearing to Peter and commissioning him – Feed my sheep

4 – Appearing to all of the followers, huddled in fear in the upper room.

Does he use this time like an action hero, wiping out injustice and toppling corrupt governments?  Does he try to get even, set the record straight, and bend a sad and misguided world to his will?

No, he takes this time to reconnect with people who failed to understand him, failed to live up to his expectations, and  even denied him.   You know where I’m going with this.  These pathetic bumblers – Folks, that’s us.

So what are the implications?

Watch the 10 minute talk, and I’ll see you in the library at 9:30!

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One Response to We know Jesus – but how do we live that out?

  1. johndidiego says:

    Okay, okay…50 days of Easter. It was 40 days of Lent.

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