Where is God calling us to be? Where did HE go?

Catherine Rohr could have done a lot of things with her life.  And made a lot of money.  But she felt called in a different direction.  This is a story about using our gifts, hope to the hopeless, turning a bad situation good, maybe grace?

Sometimes we can see the gospel as a story of reversals and unexpected turns.  Jesus eats with sinners, engages with lepers, tax collectors, Gentiles, women…all of the outcasts of his day.   The people with no power.  What is the king of kings doing with these folks?

Where does this radical transformation intersect with our ‘ordinary lives’?

Listen the story and think about the risks and the gains of work like this.  How she opens up the possibility for radical transformation in the lives of those with little prospect.  Who are these people in our lives/world?

Catherine Rohr – MBA’s investment bankers, and convicted felons…and story of success?!


See you tomorrow in the library – all are welcome!

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