Grenade (not Bruno Mars)

Listen to this video that Anna shared earlier this week.

What hard conversations have you had in your life?

What hard conversations are you not having?

As we enter into holiday times of Thanksgiving and Christmas, how to these conversations connect to what we call “holiday stress”?  Are you holding onto any grenades this year?

The following are her 3 Pancake Girl rules:

(1) Be authentic (“if you want someone to be real with you, they need to know you bleed, too.”)

(2) Be direct (“just rip the bandaid off”)

(3) Be unapologetic (“Some folks maybe disappointed, but that is on them, not on you. Those are their expectations of who you are, not yours. That is their story, not yours.”)

What are your experiences with those rules?  What would you add?

See you Sunday.  Bring canned vegetables.


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