Giving Thanks…past, present, and future

Hi all-

I mentioned that we’d dive into history a bit this week, prompted by a book we got from the library 1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving.  It’s about the historical roots and the evolution of this particularly American holiday.   

So, we’ll take a look at the holiday from a couple of views, neither of which are often associated with the holiday in greeting cards.  Monitor the emotions you feel as you read.  Imagine the emotions of native peoples over the years as the fourth Thursday in November rolls around. 

The Suppressed Speech of Frank James (Wamsutta) – 1970.  As a result of this speech, many celebrate the holiday as a day of mourning.  What he calls Massasoit’s ‘biggest mistake’ might be the most ‘Christian’ part of the story.  What do you think?

Thanksgiving: A Native American View (1999).  Jacqueline Keeler is a native American who celebrates Thanksgiving, but with a twist. 

Which of these perspectives challenges you more?  In what ways?

How can we celebrate the holiday authentically both as Christians and as Americans?

Can we separate the history (and myth) of the holiday from the way we celebrate it?

We started this last time, but do these perspectives prompt any new resolutions for you this week? 

For some more fascinating history of the holiday – make sure to see the link about the actual food of the ‘original’ Thanksgiving in 1621. (from the “Plimoth Plantation”), click here

Make sure you come by between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Saturday for the Holiday Bazaar and Bake Sale!

Hope to see you Sunday (bring canned veggies!) – John

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