What are we missing? Unlikely Sacred Places…

I was reading the first few pages of a book called Spotting the Sacred: Noticing God in the Most Unlikely Places, by Bruce Main – in it he references Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451 where people zoomed by the landscape only noticing that a green blur was grass, a pink blur was roses…and the analogy that to some extent we all zoom through life, little noticing the depth and beauty that surrounds us.

He then points to the poets, artists, and writers who help us to slow down by drawing out the details of life…then to works of art that illuminate the sacred in the ordinary.  Finally to people of faith, people who he says are called to notice, and “to marvel in God’s astonishing creation and celebrate its beauty”. 

Our challenge this week is to share instances when we’ve slowed down enough to notice something sacred, or when we’ve been someplace that upon reflection, proved to be a sacred place for us.  Is God out there, speaking to us in the things on our kitchen counter?  Would we notice if he were?

Oh, and we will also get a full report on Dan and Steve’s expedition to the Pub Theology meeting down in Chattanooga last week. 

See you tomorrow in the Library – please bring toilet paper and invite a friend.

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