Here’s the word from Susan about Family Promise.  Maybe to keep this simple, you can just submit a comment below and what day you’d like to bring.  We basically need 7 breakfasts for four adults and 8 kids – maybe one more family.  How much breakfast is that?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Packaged items they can take and eat are apparently popular, but we want to keep an eye toward nutrition…e.g. pop tarts probably not a good choice.  (granola bars, maybe Clif bars – for a little extra nutrition?)

Other things I can think of – Fruit, yogurt containers, cereal, milk, OJ…if you have other ideas, please comment!

Thanks for putting faith into action – John



At this point it looks like there are three families comprised of four adults and eight kids.  The kids range in age from five years old to teenagers.  The one caveat is that another family may enter before the group comes to our church.  I’ll keep you updated.

Thanks again to the Refocus class.

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4 Responses to BBBBBBReakfast!

  1. Gretchen Prisock says:

    I’ll bring two large boxes of cereal – non sugary

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  2. Dawn Lankford says:

    I will bring yogurt.

  3. Julie Durand says:

    Thanks, John. I plan on bringing to 8 count boxes of mixed berry granola bars—Julie

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  4. kittisdale says:

    I’ll get some things from Costco tonight.

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