More info on breakfast

See Susan’s update below…We will need more folks to bring breakfast items.  NOTE – we don’t need milk, it’s being provided for the week.  will probably need more fruit, granola type bars, bagels, cream cheese, yogurt. 

Let me know-


It looks like the numbers I gave you earlier in the week are going to be correct: three families at a total of twelve people.  There are eight kids ranging in age from five to fifteen so not lots of toddlers or very little ones.  Don’t worry about milk someone else is looking after beverages.

 The caveat here is that there may be another family, a mom and two daughters, added at the last minute.  There is no way to know at this point, we’ve gotten the most up-to-date info we are going to get.  Maybe someone can buy an extra box of breakfast bars or something non-perishable?  That can get passed along to the next church easily if not used this week. 

 If people can just do what you did last time and bring the food this Sunday and put it in the education room/mini kitchen downstairs that would be perfect.

Thanks again to Refocus,


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