Lent – it ain’t for wimps

Yes, it’s Lent…time to take stock and see how we can use these weeks before Easter to inch our way somehow closer to God.  Do you think about how Lent is different?  Ah, yes, discipline…

Here’s our friend Nadia Bolz-Weber’s Ash Wednesday sermon.  She cuts through the mustard in her usual way.  Do you find Lent a time of hope and truth?  Do you want to?

And then I knew. I knew more than any other Ash Wednesday in my life, that the promises of baptism and funerals, the promises of birth and death are so totally wrapped up together. For we come from God and to God we shall go. And that Oh my Gosh is there so much that gets in the way of that simple truth.  And it is times like funerals when all the other BS just doesn’t matter anymore.

We’ll get this Lenten thing on – if you are making it different, come ready to share.  If not, be ready to.  You don’t have to suffer (necessarily), but you do have to reflect on who you are and what you need.  To get closer to God.   And if we want our community, both St. Andrews and ReFocus to be more than “the Elks club with Eucharist”, we have to dig in!

We’ll kick if off by thinking about our mortality!  Fun!

Bring a friend, and bring some rice and beans for those less fortunate.  See you tomorrow in the library at 9:30.

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