S – A – V – E – D

Let’s talk salvation.  We all use the word and hear the word used, but I bet we mean and hear different things.
What do we take salvation to mean?
Okay, if we believe *that* about salvation, what does it mean in our relationship to God, our communities?
What does it mean for how we live our lives?  Is salvation a foundational idea in our lives?  Do we have negative connotations of salvation?  Does it belong primarily to other denominations?
Could it be that we are still in the process of forming what this means in our lives?
Think about these questions, then take time to read this excerpt from Marcus Borg’s thinking about Salvation.
And for counter weight, try this short take on salvation from Lifeway.com
What resonates with you?  What role should salvation play in our community?
See you Sunday am in the library – let’s try to remember the rice and beans this time-
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