We are…

Hi everyone–

Join us Sunday morning to talk about church identity.

Here are some questions that I’ve borrowed from a recent leadership retreat.

Think about them and come ready to discuss.

How long have you attended St. Andrew’s?

What is your church background prior St. Andrew’s?

What are the ways in which you are involved and participate at St. Andrew’s?

In reflecting on what attracted/attracts you to St. Andrew’s and why our community comes together, what do you consider to be most important in our life as a church?

How would you describe St. Andrew’s to someone unfamiliar with us?

What is your perception of how St. Andrew’s relates to our broader local community? (i.e. how are we perceived in our community? How does that compare to how do we see ourselves?)

See you Sunday.


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2 Responses to We are…

  1. johndidiego says:

    Love it. Where do you get these things from?

  2. johndidiego says:

    I can’t get enough of this one…everybody look up!

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