What Suffering Does…

Here’s a column from the NYT’s David Brooks, generally on suffering.  Kit found it, I read it and liked it, and there you go.  How do we react to times of suffering?  How do we react to others who are suffering?  What does our US culture tell us about suffering?  How do you know when someone is suffering?



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One Response to What Suffering Does…

  1. Tom Daily says:

    My sister’s husband, Gordon Frey, is dying from 5 brain tumors. I have known him over 46 years, watched his children grow up, laughed with him, repaired stuff with him, and last year, went to Cuba with him. I love him like a brother. During these few weeks (tumors discovered on Easter Sunday!), I have seen him go through a gradual process of accepting what not only he, but others are going through, and what we will go through in the next few months. I have been with many others when they died, and have seen those who have suffered in agony as well as those who with grim determination, deny there is anything wrong. Then there are those who, like Gordon, find a soothing grace within them, a “peace that passeth understanding,” a spirit of gratefulness for the blessings they have received, and a deep courage to face whatever comes. His sense of humor is uplifting, his ability to store information is sponge-like, and his humbleness leaves me in awe. He is teaching me about suffering in a special way, and I am grateful.

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