Family Promise breakfast items – THIS Sunday!

Breakfast items:

This week’s guests are 3 families!  6 Adults & 8 Children.  I cut and pasted part of the email about the group below – apparently some big eaters in the group.  Items that we could use:

Cereals, breakfast/granola bars, fresh fruit or fruit cups(!), yogurt cups, Milk, Juice, bagels

Please email to let me know what you will bring.  Items should go to the downstairs kitchen by Sunday morning.  Thanks for your help!



From Yvonne: FOOD!!!:  I’ve just talked to Kathi who tells me

o        We have a lot of big eaters this time including 3 big guys and 2 teenage boys. Make plenty of food.  J

o        Lunches: Also, there are seldom leftovers to pack for lunches and at least 6-8 of them need to pack a lunch (the Day Center can help us out here if we can’t get enough food – cold meat/PBJ sandwiches – for the lunches)

o        ALERGIES & food limitations:

  • D & R’s children drink milk at dinner and are not allowed to have desserts.  Fresh fruit or fruit juice popsicles would be the best choice. One of the children is allergic to blueberries
  • S and K are diabetic. it would be helpful if meals could be served that were more proteins and fruits and vegetables and less carbohydrates
  • R is allergic to onions
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2 Responses to Family Promise breakfast items – THIS Sunday!

  1. Steve Savell says:

    John – what do we need for breakfast foods tomorrow?


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