More than 5 Seconds of Summer*

Hi everyone–

Songs of the summer helped us hear about cruisin’ to Purple Rain, hiking with The Weight, *Roar*ing at a concert, loving on grandchildren and scared dogs, connecting or disconnecting with music-loving children, going to festivals, as well as living with or without music through work stress, job changes, chronic pain and disease, death, and house fires.  John used a phrase today that should be our motto about what we share in conversation: Nothing is too light, nothing is too heavy.


Here is a link to what I read in class by Peter Rollins.

So what is the alternative to attempting to hold ethical principles? The answer is creating a space of grace in which we are invited to bring our darkness to the surface, to speak of it in an environment in which we will not be condemned or made to feel guilty, a community that will let us speak our anxieties and darkness without asking us to change. In short, a place where we can confront our humanity rather than running from it.

Thank you for being part of this space this morning.


*that’s “5SOS” to you, Shawn.






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One Response to More than 5 Seconds of Summer*

  1. Steve says:

    As our world struggles to live in community, I am thankful for this group who wrestles so honestly with the prospect of living a life of faith. Thank you Kit and John, and all who participate in this effort to “Refocus” the often difficult events of life that are presented to us. It is courageous work!

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