Ice Ice Baby

It seems that the Ice Bucket Challenge has played out.  For the months of July and August, it was the thing to be doing.  Celebrities did it.  Kids did it.  Co-workers did it.

Did you do the Ice Bucket Challenge?

While Ice Bucket Challenge event has waned, we’re still left with some questions.

What does this phenomenon tell us about fundraising and awareness-raising moving forward?

Did you jump in to this opportunity? Did you sit and watch? Were you unaware it was going on?

Was it a pain-for-fame stunt or something more [meaningful]?

Was it just a “middle-class wet-T-shirt contest for armchair clicktivists?”

Do you have a connection with ALS? Does that matter?

And, finally, how come no one nominated John for the challenge???

See you 9:15 in the library.  Remember your Family Promise breakfast items.


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One Response to Ice Ice Baby

  1. johndidiego says:

    If they did, I wouldn’t have known. I have heard vaguely about this, but really didn’t know what it was even about until today. C U 2morrow!

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