I feel so blessed…don’t you?

When Kit and I sat down after the first week of ReFocus this fall, we took the list of topics you generated and then came up with a few of our own.  One of the ones that grabbed me was the relatively recent phenomenon of talking about how blessed we are.  Or wishing each other a blessed day.  Here’s what Merriam-Webster has to say on the matter:

bless·ing (noun)

  1. approval that allows or helps you to do something
  2. help and approval from God
  3. something that helps you or brings happiness

So let’s delve into this blessing…who is blessing whom?  For what?  What do you hear when someone exhorts you to have a blessed day?  If you use this greeting, what do you mean by it?  How is being blessed similar to being lucky?   WWJB?

Oh boy, there are LOTS of resources on the web for this one.  Here’s a curious smattering…

Try Christianity Today

Biblical references

Joy Boys – Too Blessed to be Stressed – ! I didn’t actually watch all 8 min, but the opening is intense.

SPECIAL REQUEST – Lee Ann needs helpers to show up for Family Promise take-down… Sunday, 6:45 am.  This is an easy job with a crew of 6-7.  Can we get a few?  We need to get the rooms set back up for Sunday school…THANKS

See you in the library @ 9:15.  Bring a friend.  John

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