Next week – Happy New Years!

Hi all-

Thanks to those who were around today to share stories and memories of Thanksgivings past and plans for Thanksgiving present.  So much of what we are called to as Christians involves being thankful, deeply thankful for the richness of our lives together in Christ…

There were questions unanswered about next week.  Even though it’s still only November, next Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent, which marks the beginning of the new Church year!  One way to set aside this prayerful time before the “C” word is to take part in the ritual of the Advent wreath, the lighting of candles in preparation for the coming of light into the world. See this explanation from St John’s Church up in Saginaw MI.

Every year, we come together as a parish to create Advent wreaths and to decorate mini trees to deliver to those in our community who can no longer get out on their own.

Please plan to meet at 9 am in the Great Hall – there will be no Sunday School Nov 31st. We’ll have all the makings of wreaths, including fresh greens, ribbons, and candles.  It’s fun for the whole family.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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