Ruffling feathers

Last week we discussed family conflict and hard conversations, such as conversations of racism.

Here is a link to the article I shared and here is the opening of the article:

One of the golden rules of etiquette is to avoid talking in polite company about politics, sex or religion. Some also add money. And a lot of people would love to add race—to the very top of their taboo topic list.

The problem with the rules of etiquette is that the ruling elite wrote them. Indeed, so much of their privilege hinges on the politics of race, religion and sex/gender and the ways these connect with money and profit. So from their perspective, silence is soothing. Colorblindness is blissful. Avoidance is virtuous.

But if you identity with the ubiquitous 99 percent, you’ve probably come to realize that you’re not well served by all the silence. In fact, this Thanksgiving, you may actually want to ruffle a few feathers. Or at least, not let anyone ruffle yours and get away with it.

Can you remember the 5 suggestions?

Join us tomorrow for part 2 of the discussion.


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