So what did you get?

In terms of material goods, our family had a very small Christmas.  Consequently, I saw my 6 year old struggle to answer a question this week.

“What did you get from Santa for Christmas?”

It was a basic question by a health care provider used to try to ease my child’s anxiety and establish a connection.  An innocuous question. A social chit-chat question.

My child answered, “A punching bag!”

But then she was given another question.

“So what else did you get?”

And my child was at a lost.  Santa brought her a punching bag.  Full stop.

She adores her inflatable punching bag with the type of adoration that includes dancing with it and round-kicking it to the ground. The punching bag, as a gift, was a perfect and perfectly sufficient display of generosity and a Santa-really-knows-me-inside-and-out kind of love.

She was thrilled on Christmas morning and has been everyday since then.  No holiday hangovers of disappointment for her.

She did not fall into a trap of materialism, and I think that I learned a lot by watching her and her siblings avoid this trap this Christmas.  She doesn’t have the right language to answer questions about her loot from well-intentioned adults or friends at school, but I can see that she made it through the season without a case of the “gimmes.”

What about you? Any holiday handovers at your house? How about as you look forward to this year? What is your relationship with material goods? What is your relationship to gratitude?

Let’s talk about materialism and gratitude.  Here’s a great article to read.

See you Sunday morning-


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One Response to So what did you get?

  1. Lee Ann fairall says:

    I thought this was great I did watch the video all the way through and it reminded me of an experience that John has had recently with his daughter. I believe gratitude is an action word which he came to at the end of his talk and that is how does gratitude transform us in our day-to-day living

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