What you need, baby I got it…

Last week I posed the question, “What do you see as some of the world’s needs?”

We came up with things like:

Medical insurance, support for women in prison, financial education for young adults, money, companionship, among others. Sumter brought up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which I can’t seem to add a hyperlink to, but you can always look it up for a refresher.

Do we have an obligation to respond to the needs of others?  What can we really do anyway?  Over half a century ago, here’s what Thomas Merton had to say about our country as he saw it, related to our obligations and responsibilities.

It seems to me there are very dangerous ambiguities about our democracy in its actual present condition. I wonder to what extent our ideals are now a front for organized selfishness and irresponsibility. If our affluent society ever breaks down and the facade is taken away, what are we going to have left?  


Does any of this still ring true?  Can we think of ideals that cover ‘organized selfishness’ today?  Are there still ideals that are, well, ideal?

Come ready for action.  And bring toilet paper!


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