Prized Possessions

Our discussion of spiritual disciplines last week brought to my mind the relationship between clutter and spiritual practices.

Are our practices about clearing out clutter–tangible and intangible clutter?  What feels like clutter in your life?  What would you keep if you seriously decluttered your life?

Read this article from the NY Times.

Does it ring true to you that “clutter is having its moment?”

Can you relate to decluttering being “a born-again experience?”

Finally, what do you think of her conclusion:

It’s consoling to think that, beneath all these distractions, we’ll discover our shining, authentic selves, or even achieve a state of “mindfulness.” But I doubt it. I’m starting to suspect that the joy of ditching all of our stuff is just as illusory as the joy of acquiring it all was. Less may be more, but it’s still not enough.

See you Sunday morning-


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One Response to Prized Possessions

  1. Here are several email inbox resources:

    A broader “organizational” program:
    I don’t follow GTD necessarily every day, but it did help me de-clutter my mind a few years back.

    Password management:
    1Password- – Highly Recommend, synchs with phones and other computers.
    iCloud Keychain- – Apple users only.

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