What’s in YOUR bucket?

All this talk about our influences…David Brooks writes about those people he meets from time to time that radiate the inner light.  These are people you want to be around, want to be like.  People you want to be influenced by.

In his New York Times piece, he draws a distinction between resume virtues and eulogy virtues.  Those traits, skills, things we do for external success, and those that we do for internal success.  Let’s face it, we’re better at the external work than the internal.

You figure as long as you are not obviously hurting anybody and people seem to like you, you must be O.K. But you live with an unconscious boredom, separated from the deepest meaning of life and the highest moral joys. Gradually, a humiliating gap opens between your actual self and your desired self, between you and those incandescent souls you sometimes meet.

This essay is distilled from his recent book The Road to Character.  I haven’t read it.  Do you think you want to?  Why?

His headings – what do you think?

  • Humility-
  • Self Defeat-
  • Energizing Love-
  • Dependency-
  • Your Call-

See you Sunday – in the library at 9:15am.  John

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