Happy Mother’s Day

Anna jarvis.jpg

Anna Jarvis is credited with conceiving of, promoting, and bringing about the idea of a day to honor her mother and all mothers.  You can read Woodrow Wilson’s official proclamation that made it a national holiday here.  Last year, or maybe the year before, we found out that not all of us look on Mother’s Day with fondness.  Well, we can all be heartened by the fact the day’s founder also had second thoughts about the holiday – turns out, in later years, Jarvis grew to despise the commercialization of the day and even fought to have it abolished.

Time has an interesting article and short video.

In order to do mother’s justice, but not bring everyone down, I had this idea.  We did an exercise in EFM last week that I thought we could replicate (in part) in class.  Think about your mother – her traits, habits, wisdom.  Come ready to share one thing about your mom that you want to pass on to your children or future generations, and think of one thing (characteristic, habit, etc.  NOT an article of clothing, jewelry or furniture!) of hers that you would rather NOT pass on.

Should be interesting!

See you in the library at 9:15 am.  John

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