Family Promise needs you…June 21st

Hi all,

We are in need of food items for breakfast and lunch again.  We will be hosting 4 adults and 6 kids (ages 4, 6, 8, 8, 9, 14). the 4 year old has a peanut allergy.  Luckily, i’t snot so severe that he cannot be around peanut products, he just cannot ingest them.

So please let me know what you will bring.  I will be out of town the week leading up to this, so probably won’t be able to remind you with emails.

Breakfast items:

fruit (grapes, apples, others), cereal, granola bars, nut free bars, bagels, milk, O J, juice boxes, hard-boiled eggs,etc.

Lunch items

bread, cheese, lunch meat, Fruit, pretzels, PB & Jelly, others?

Thanks – John

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