Together Again!!!

Hi dear ones,

Tomorrow starts a new year of ReFocus.  Woot!

John and I are eager to reconnect with you and to see where our time together takes us this year.

This summer offered us plenty of the kinds of topics we love to discuss. And, no doubt, national elections will continue to feed our topic list.

We want to start tomorrow with Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who has refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

If you haven’t followed this news story, look at your favorite news source.  She remains in the headlines and it will not be hard to come up to date.

There are some many angles to take into the heart of this situation. Bring the angle that speaks to you.

Click here to read one of the angles that is speaking to me.

I like how the author frames the situation:

I began to notice that in image after image that flooded into my news feed, that huge counter that always separated Mrs. Davis from those she was turning away; how that barrier was much more than just a couple of feet of painted particle board, it was the massive expanse of not knowing the other. It was the great emotional chasm created when we don’t seek to understand. It was the kind of distance that only cultivates contempt.

The author calls for Mrs. Davis, as well as the rest of us who follow Jesus, to participate in a sacred practice of hospitality, gathering around a table and breaking bread, in order to shrink the distance where contempt grows.  I am thinking hard about his last question:

Who are you inviting to your table?

Join us at 9:15 on Sunday morning in the library as we work our way into this story.


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