We’re on the same team, right?

Multiple choice:

When you read/heard about Blount County Commissioner Karen Miller’s resolution asking for God’s mercy on our county, was your first reaction to:

  1. ridicule her for being backward?
  2. criticize her theology?
  3. bash her understanding of separation of Church and State?
  4. wish you lived somewhere else?
  5. want to go get a coffee with her to understand her position?

We’ve spent a lot of time in this class on the subject of community and how it is a basic unit of our response to God’s love and message.  Community can be represented by our ReFocus group, it can be the larger St Andrews congregation, and then it can be our Blount County community, or beyond.  The larger the scale, the more unruliness and messy diversity we encounter. Diversity of belief, yuck!

It can be enough to make you shrink back to our safe small group where most everyone agrees.  Yet, we’ve said repeatedly that we are called to come together in our diversity and see each other as children of a loving God.  In this way we learn more about ourselves and our common understandings and misunderstandings. As a larger Christian community, we are a mess.  Is that okay with you?

So the questions are:  As Christians, are we called to engage the larger messy community?  What are the rules?  What forums are there to do this?  Maybe most importantly, what’s the point?  I like to think that we can’t control the ridiculous back and forth of our national leaders and talking heads, but locally, we can do something!  Can we?

Let see Sunday morning at 9:15 in the Library.  John

News on this issue from around the web, local and national:





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2 Responses to We’re on the same team, right?

  1. marthasterne says:

    This is such good framing – thank you for y’all’s common faithful life.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. What a timely topic–to think it actually made it to the Huffington Post! I reacted with incredulity. I couldn’t believe anyone could actually have that narrow a view of our lives here. Reflecting on recent class discussions, however, I realize I am just as narrow in some of my views.

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