Super bowled!

We just couldn’t let this last Sunday before Ash Wednesday go by without a gentle nod to What has been called ‘America’s biggest religious holiday‘, Super Bowl Sunday.

For many reasons, there are people around the country who are reconsidering football, this distinctly American sport that they grew up with.  Why?

  • corruption in the NFL (and collegiate football, for that matter)
  • all manner of criminal and despicable behavior of the players and management,
  • revelations of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), players who have died/committed suicide with it, AND
  • the attempted cover-up by the league…

So it’s basically pick your reason to be horrified.  Or not.   It made me wonder, is this yet another of those areas where we can plea some variation of false neutrality?  or is something being overblown?

There is a lot to read on this subject, as well as a great documentary on PBS Frontline ( See league of denial)  And the recent movie about the same subject, Concussion.

But here is a short summary of a few perspectives on both sides of the question – Is it wrong to watch football?

Be ready to discuss –

See you tomorrow in the library at 9:15.  Bring toilet paper and a friend.



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