Grateful for Lent?

Last week’s work in gratitude made a perfect start to this year’s lenten season.

Now we’ll take some time as we do every year around this time, to consider how we might use this season leading up to Easter to repent, or to turn around, change our minds and lives to come somehow closer to God.  When you look up the translations of the word ‘repent’ used in the old and new testaments, its meaning varies – usually including the following:

  • admission of sin
  • surrender to God
  • Conversion of thoughts and actions, or transformation
  • A turning towards God

In an attempt to achieve true repentance, in past years we have surveyed and adopted various spiritual disciplines, including prayer, meditation, fasting, service, etc.

This year, we’ll take a few weeks to consider what that repentance or change/transformation might look like in our lives.

  • Do you have a story of change in your life that you can share?
  • Does is sound a little dramatic to you to ‘turn your life over to God’?
  • What types of experience drives this type of change?
  • What to you would be the ultimate outcome of practicing spiritual disciplines?

If you have one of the copies of the little book, The Practice of the Presence of God, that Phil brought us a few weeks ago, please bring it along this week.

Can’t wait to see you Sunday morning – 9:15 in the library…John

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