Brother Lawrence’s maxims

More from Brother Lawrence – this time, his spiritual maxims.  Again, the language is difficult and hard to apply.  But read these through a few times, and let your mind wander across the words.  See what jumps out at you and come ready to share your insights Sunday.
Necessary practices for attaining the spiritual life
1. Practice the presence of God, always and at all times, without rule or system, but particularly in moments of temptation, trouble, spiritual dryness, etc.
2. Allow all actions become a moment of communion with God.
3. Act re-collectedly, not with impetuosity and thoughtlessness.
4. During all our busy-ness, we ought to stop for  a moment, as often as we can, in order to worship God in our hearts, to touch him as it were by stealth as he passes…  I maintain that it is a common mistake among religious people to neglect this periodical recollection in which they may worship God inwardly and enjoy for a few moments the peace  of his hold presence.
There is some paraphrase here, I tried to capture the meaning –
[The] worldly… see sickness as a pain against nature and not as a favor from God. Seeing it only in that light, they find nothing in it but grief and distress. But those who consider sickness as coming from the hand of God, out of His mercy and as the means He uses for their salvation, commonly find sweetness and consolation in it.

I pray that you see that God is often nearer to us and present within us in sickness than in health.


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