The art of the…Covenant?

When we go out and do a deal, we make a contract. When we are situated within something it is because we have made a covenant. A contract protects interests, Pally notes, but a covenant protects relationships. A covenant exists between people who understand they are part of one another. It involves a vow to serve the relationship that is sealed by love: Where you go, I will go. Where you stay, I will stay. Your people shall be my people.

Conservative commentator wrote a piece in the New York Times where he mused on the causes of the rifts in society today.  The paraphrase above is from a book he references by Marcia Pally, Commonwealth and Covenant. 

I love the idea of ‘being situated within something’.  What do you think?

What is comforting about contracts?  What about covenants (as Brooks describes them)?  Do you agree that this need to be ‘situated’ within a context is the root of some of our modern problems?

Does our relationship with God as Christians feel more like a contract, or a covenant?

Let’s wander into this and see where it goes!

Thanks, Kit, for the suggestion!


PS – Family Promise needs helpers taking down the rooms Sunday at 7am…Won’t take too long!



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