One night I dreamed…

…I was in slavery, ’bout 1850 was the time…

So goes the song ‘Harriet Tubman’, written in 1978 by Walter Robinson – see lyrics here.  Maybe we’ll sing it together.  Maybe not.

There is so much going on in current events these days, it’s hard to select just one – the two for me that are timely, and not terribly contentious – 46th Earth Day, and Harriet Tubman replacing President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.   Or at least bumping him to the back of the $20.

I thought it a good chance for us to learn more about this remarkable American heroine, and I offer what wikipedia has to say about her.

And here’s what Washington Post opinion writer Eugene Robinson has to say about why it matters that she was selected for the honor.

What makes her heroic?  Why do you think she went back time after time into the slave states to free others?  Is slavery still alive in the world today?  In Tennessee?  Is there anything we can do?

Since it is Earth Week and Sunday’s weather is supposed to be lovely, I would like to also take the group outside for a short walk near the church – to breathe the air, listen to the sounds, and notice spring!

See you Sunday!


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