Mothers, Marys, and more

To be a people marked by the faith of Mary is to be a people, who say Ok, I don’t understand what’s going on and I know that my life isn’t going to end up looking like one I would choose out of a catalogue but I trust that God is at work in all of it. Blessedness is being used for God’s purpose more than it’s getting what I want or things being easy.

Nadia Bolz-Weber

I wanted to pay some tribute to Mothers today – yes and where would we be without them?  Let’s be ready to share stories about mothers – your biological mothers or mothers you know, or times when you’ve been mothered by someone else.

And how can we talk about mothers without mentioning Mary?  You can read Nadia Bolz-Weber’s sermon on Mary from a few Advents back.  The angel appears and calls Mary blessed.  Unwed, pregnant, and blessed?  Can we translate this into today’s language?

What is it the world needs from mothers right now?  How can a mothers love address the wrongs we see all around us?

In the 4th century St Gregory of Nyssa wrote, “What was achieved in the body of Mary will happen in the soul of everyone who receives the Word.”

See, God is at work in you in much the same way God was at work in Mary. (Not necessarily in that the Holy Spirit’s going to knock you up.) But I do think that you carry in your body the blessing of God and having faith like Mary means allowing yourself to trust that.

So come join the group on Mother’s Day – our penultimate class for this spring!




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