ReFocus resources from this week…

Great to see folks again for our Sunday morning get-togethers.

Lots of big changes for people over this very quick summer, lots of ideas for our class this fall, and lots of resources for you to discover.

Here is a list of some of the race resources that I wrote down:


O.J.: Made in America – see trailer here

Straight Outta Compton -see trailer here

The Butler – see trailer here

Selma – see trailer here

12 Years a Slave – trailer here

Dear White People – trailer here


Here are some of the topics we’re likely to delve into this fall…hopefully from new and provocative angles…Race, politics, caring for aging relatives, end of life issues, and probably new apps like Friend tracker that a lot of us never heard or even thought of.

We’re looking forward to it –





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2 Responses to ReFocus resources from this week…

  1. Tom Clark says:

    When do you meet?

    Tom Clark

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