Older and…Happier?

We have spent a few weeks talking about end of life issues.  This is a complicated and touchy subject, including: taking care of our older relatives, various options for assisted living, what we WISH our parents would do in their old age ( e.g. stop driving, move closer, accept help, move to assisted living…)

So this week, in addition to checking in on where we all are in life, we’ll conduct a little thought experiment.  Instead of discussing our challenge of taking care of aging relatives, let’s put ourselves into the picture.

What would that ultimate end-of-life living arrangement look like for US? [in a home, at home, other?]

What amenities would WE want?

Where would we want to be?

Who would we want to be near by?  Why?

What would we want to DO?

Let’s have some fun picturing the ideal end of life set up, stepping outside  the bounds of reality if need be!

And as a little light reading, here’s an article from Huffington Post that debunks the idea that we’re happiest in our youth.  To inspire you to, well, look forward to growing older!

See you tomorrow at 9:15!



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3 Responses to Older and…Happier?

  1. Sorry to miss class tomorrow. I read the book “Being Mortal” and enjoyed it. The discussion should be interesting. Susan and I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about this issue because it currently seems too far away. We may be back next weekend. Enjoy! David McCollum

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