Balloons and Pony Rides

I have 3 challenging, difficult topics on my mind. I mentally flipped through those topics to decide which topic to bring to you all for class discussion.

Then I put them out of my mind.  I just can’t do difficult tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a big, celebratory day in our family. It is our oldest child’s birthday. 13!  I don’t want to spend the morning struggling with too difficult a topic.  So, how about the topic of birthdays?

I recently gave my father a book that has all of the front pages of the NY Times published on his birthday since the year he was born.  It has me thinking about taking stock of birthdays.

My questions for you:

What events in history happened on your special day? (Search “this day in history” sites to find out)

What was the price of a gallon of gas on your birthday?

With whom do you share your birthday?

Which birthdays stand out for you in your life? Why?

How do you like to celebrate your birthdays now? How have you wanted to celebrate them in the past?

How do you celebrate or recognize birthdays of the other people in your life?

See you in the morning!


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