Busy Bees

John caught me up a bit on your discussions last week about busyness.

I’ve been thinking how my busyness is really an excuse to avoid–sometimes armor against–having to be really present and connected to the moment and needs at hand.

Just today, I rushed to water my plants after a morning away from the house at soccer games. I was trying to manage my mental to-do list for the afternoon while watering the sad plants that really should have been watered yesterday, speaking with a neighbor, calling to my dog, and ushering the kids in the backdoor  and then…Bam!  Back up. Wait a minute. That neighbor. She was a new neighbor to me. I spoke to her…but  y’all, I didn’t even remember to introduce myself.  I couldn’t connect to the moment at hand in the most basic of ways. I was juggling a to-do list but dropped a person. (Martha and Mary connections always catch up to me.)

Brene Brown says things that help me think about my current practices.  Check out this article from The Washington Post, which is especially relevant to work-related busyness.

Here is another article about the connections of stress and busyness  and Christianity.


For tomorrow, I want to pick up the topic of busyness again and see where it takes us especially as it relate to God.

I also want to be responsive to what I read this week–that over half of American adults are experiencing “significant” stress related to the election.  We will open up our discussion on managing the stress of busyness to include election-related stress.

See you on Sunday morning at 9:15 in the library-


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