A picture of change.

Some of you may have seen this article in the Washington Post this week.

It’s a bit long for us, especially on a Saturday night, but here goes anyway…

The White Flight of Derek Black

This story is illuminating in many ways.  But as you read it, resist the temptation to think, “I’m right. I’m right. I’m right.”  Read on instead and think of this as a story about a father and son who agree, and then disagree, profoundly.  At different times in their lives, they’d be the people who glom together, agree about everything and read the same news, confirm each others’ views; and at another point, they are the types who’d just avoid each other because of the sharpness of the divide, ‘betrayal’, and hurt.

Yet they come together and talk.  Not necessarily understand or persuade, but they talk and listen. Imagine what that would look like in your life.

Other questions:

What experiences ultimately led to a change in Derek’s life?  What experiences didn’t?  Why?  How do WE strive for this type of change in our lives?

See you tomorrow morning – isn’t fall lovely!


PS – FAMILY PROMISE starts tomorrow – please stay for set up after church and plan to come next week at 7 pm to take it all down.  Still looking for a few food items to get them started for b-fast and lunch on Monday.  sandwich bread, OJ, maybe some frozen b-fast items (Sausage biscuits?).   THANKS!


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